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Spring 2020 to remember

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

The whole world is in the same boat now.

It's spring 2020 and every nation itself is isolated because of the on going situation in the world that has separated us into the lock down mode. Now because of Covid-19 the whole world is holding their breath, all of us has been isolated to in our own space and privacy as because of common threat that is spreading from human-to-human.

This Pandemic virus will have long-term effect on humans mental and physical health. There will be also big impact to many countries economic situation.

From that point of view, side effects like: unemployment, poverty, mental health, pain, chronic conditions will affect to our lives for a really long time. The world will never be the same again after this. In the journey of our lives, we often forget to take care of our bodies and from this point on, it's more crucial than ever.

Here is the chart just to visualize it easily what is the current situation in the world right now:

Source: The data is from Worldometer's real-time updates, utilizing reliable sources from around the world. Credits to: Navid Mamoon and Gabriel Rasskin, two students at Carnegie Mellon University.


Now is the time to wake up to the situation and start working together to overcome the situation. Many companies are in difficulty due to this situation and this is reflected in customer numbers. Now we have decided to keep our location closed until it's s a safe time to reopen the service. We also had to outsource our clinical services to the Internet. We hope that everyone will stay healthy for the future and as the situation calms down. We warmly welcome all clients back again to massage and coaching after this situation is over. In the meantime, we hope you get to know our new site, which is constantly evolving. Now there is also an opportunity to support the company by being part of the lifestyle and buying products from our online store. We would love to see Kehox breathing strong after this situation is over. Even the smallest help is big for us, we want to give you back more than you have been expecting because of the passion to the human health.

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Stay safe, mentally active and healthy, contact us if you need help with musculoskeletal problems.

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We thank you greatly for the support you are showing us on these tough times, and while we currently stay apart, we strongly think we can get through this together.

- TEAM K e h o x

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